Hair Rebonding Cruelty

Regarded as the most detrimental of all hair treatments, re-bonding is the name supplied to a process by which chemical bonds in hair are damaged. These are then rearranged and bonded once again. It gives permanent success and employs remarkably sturdy substances that are exceptionally hazardous for fragile hair strands.

How it functions

For the duration of the therapy of re-bonding, a lotion is utilized that helps perm hair. It also softens them and breaks down their bonds. Immediately after that, hair is rinsed off carefully. An electrically run styling gadget is applied to straighten hair with a rod.
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At last, a neutralizer is utilized which will help stabilize hair and reset damaged bonds all over again.

The negatives of this approach are:

Hair loss

Soon after hair is treated during re-bonding, the hair shaft will become weaker and very easily breakable. These are chemically handled which can make them lose power and versatility. So, the ultimate consequence is almost nothing but hair decline. It simply cannot be undone since re-bonding is irreversible.


Generally as a outcome of applying lotions for hair straightening, there is a sever brittleness that tends to make it complicated to deal with and fashion. The tenacity of hair is totally shed. Even though it provides softer hair but it employs very toxic substances that are also hazardous to be used.

Soon after-care

Re-bonding requirements increased just after-treatment once hair is dealt with with this cruel course of action. You generally have to hurry to your hair stylist to handle the problem for you. This indicates an additional treatment more products additional programs of lotions, styling gels, spray or dyes etc. These are all not so friendly, specially, when made use of greatly. As the expressing goes, “excess of everything is undesirable”. This is particularly true of hair treatment plans.

Addressed hair want frequent touch-ups as nicely as blow dry. Every person is informed of the point that intensive warmth is harmful to fragile hair shaft. The much more it is blow dried the increased is the stage of hurt. People who do not want their hair addressed to be this ruthless way can’t get absent with all these hazardous running strategies. There is no alternate. You have to get hair managed and styled the risky way.

Yet another difficulty for this sort of hair is associated to conditioning.

Recently grown hair

A problem of re-bonding is when new hairs are grown, these are not straight. You have to get the cure for these hairs once more. So, the cycle goes on and the problems boosts following each session.

Diseased hair

Under no circumstances imagine of acquiring any hair therapy in situation of a sickness of scalp, a fungal an infection or other complications. It will induce the disease to a larger extent.

A resolution

For individuals who are nonetheless dying to get straight hair, really should use a simple fantastic high quality straightening unit just before likely to a specific party. It is on short-term basis and does not pose as quite a few threats to the health and fitness of hair as long-lasting re-bonding. It employs only heat and no harsh substances. Having said that, performing it regularly have to be averted.

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