10 Most Sensual Lesbian Erotic Scenes in Shunga


From all the topics and themes within shunga (Japanese erotic prints, books and paintings) likely the most coveted are the prints depicting female-feminine enjoy. In the treatment method of the pursuing 10 lesbian oriented shunga patterns in this article there are two prints integrated (the first and the last) which are additional suggestive and a lot less specific but in my viewpoint, with their eye for female elegance and comical element, a true addition to this unique topic.

Kuniyoshi – Grooming Scene

A comical image depicting a dressing space in a brothel with the activities of five courtesans joking all-around with a person of their sleeping colleagues. Glimpse for the chagrined facial expression of the courtesan on the left who is grooming her mons veneris. This layout from the 1840s shows Kuniyoshi’s comic genius in complete outcome.

Hokusai – Entangled

From Hokusai’s common shunga ehon (reserve) sequence Kinoe no komatsu (Youthful Pine Saplings) revealed in 1814, which also features his popular Octopus style, a passionate lesbian come across among two youthful females. They are in a extremely restricted embrace with the lady down below in an almost ecstatic pose. The lady on top rated is wearing a
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The wrinkled undergarment was Hokusai’s beloved detail he employed in his shunga operate.

Eiri – Lubricant

In all probability the most famous lesbian scene in shunga from Eiri’s excellent oban collection Types of Calligraphyconsisting of twelve layouts. One of the women is sporting a large harigata, which is held by the other lady, while she’s working with a lubricant to place on the artificial phallus. Owing to its controversial affect at the time (1801) this lesbian shunga scene was omitted from later editions.

Kuniyoshi – Kabuki Mask

A very unconventional lesbian style with the lady on leading sporting a kabuki-mask pretending she’s the favorite kabuki actor (a Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp of their working day) the other female is fantasizing about. Two amused women of all ages are peeking by means of a small hole in a sliding door.

Eizan – Lesbian Girl Taken From Behind

In a confined setting two lesbian enthusiasts are owning intercourse. The girl beneath is in an fired up condition even though the female on best works by using the dildo to penetrate her from powering. The on-searching cat is comedian detail generally used in shunga. (in particular by Hokusai and Kuniyoshi)

Eisen – Double-Sided Dildo

Two ladies having fun with on their own using a double-sided dildo. In this structure each faces of the female protagonists are concealed.

Kuniyoshi – Previous Lady

An older woman works by using a relatively unorthodox way of introducing a young girl into her grownup existence by grapping her vagina. The shungabooks guiding them and the erotic scroll in entrance of them emphasize the previous visual schooling. A structure from a shungabook sequence by Kuniyoshi, posted in the 1840s.

Hokusai – Sea-Cucumber

Two awabi (abalone) divers are caught in an personal minute in this marvellous do the job of art by Hokusai (dated 1810s). A single of the ladies takes advantage of a sea-cucumber, as a improvised dildo, with the sea in the track record as their silent witness. Awabi or Ama diver was (and is) a career practised by women of all ages who dive for pearls.

Shuncho – Tortoise Shell Dildo

This print by Shuncho (posted around 1800) has a striking use of color mixture with attractive eco-friendly accents. The decoration on the folding screen guiding this loving lesbian few gives it a extremely practical sense as if they are actually in the open-air. The female on major is sporting a deluxe tortoise-shell harigata and the two are putting on transparant hair ribbons. In the past this print has been falsely attributed to Utamaro.

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