Vetraplus Pet Milk Powder Health supplement And Also Mother’s Milk Replacer

Vetraplus – the brand names that really like your pet as significantly as you do.

Pet Milk Powder Replacer from Vetraplus is proposed as a food source for orphaned or turned down puppies or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding for any kind of furry animal. It is highly encouraged for rising animals, nursing or more mature, convalescing animals like cats, canine that are pressured and involve a resource of remarkably digestible nutrition.

Why PET Milk?

• Superior in calcium for stronger bone.
• Omega 3 for a healthy and shiny coat.
• DHA added for improved mind development for your pets.
• All normal component.
• Reduced sugar material & soya milk will cause less intolerance & allergy.

Puppies & other cubs

Mother’s milk is the most essential milk for all younger animals. In typical, they should at the very least have mother’s milk for two times. Colostrum milk is the best nutrition to non permanent struggle of immunity versus disorders.
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Expecting and nursing furry animals.

Feed one one/two scoops of PetMilk powder for each servings with 6.seventy six ounces h2o day by day right until two months just after whelping.

Rising Puppies, Exhibit Dogs, and/or Convalescing Canines:

• Feed one particular servings of Pet Milk powder day by day.

How to provide

The milk really should be fed at place or human body temperature. Puppies or young animals ought to be feed 1 1/2 scoops with 6.seventy six ounces of warm drinking water. Modest and/or weak puppies should be fed every single three to four several hours. Much larger puppies really should be fed each individual 8 hrs. Equivalent portions should be feed day by day. Volume needed can be improved and decreased according to puppies needs.


Reconstituted Pet-Milk may perhaps be refrigerated up to 24 several hours. Opened Milk powder powder could be refrigerated for three months.

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